Women In Construction


Women In Construction UK CIC, has been designed for women in the construction and built environment industry.

If you would like to become a WIC UK member the more involved you are, the more benefits you will enjoy in our unique community and resource hub.

If you would like to support our members by sharing your services, information, expertise or products, then why not join us as a WIC UK partner, where you will be recognised as an advocate for our cause and ethos alongside helping to raise your presence across the industry.

As a member of WIC UK, you can enjoy great benefits. By being actively involved you can enjoy rewards such as free entry to events, discount on your subscription, product give aways or offerings from our resource partners.

But importantly being a WIC UK member you will be supporting our cause and act as an advocate for change in the industry.

We will be actively collaborating on key campaigns within the industry and educational establishments to promote awareness of the opportunities to encourage greater awareness of the diverse roles the industry offers.



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Be part of a great community showcasing women in the industry.
First national online community and peer network
Dedicated platform promoting roles for women in the industry
Access to information, pathways and skills
Engagement in key discussions and groups
Online networking with peers
Recognition as an advocate in the industry
Access to health and wellbeing
Part of a positive community for women
Enjoy live interviews, Q&A’s & member spotlights
Develop professional knowledge
Connect with key organisations & industry bodies
Access to information on careers and progression
Shared experiences
Break down stereotypes and barriers in the industry

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Be an leader promoting women in the industry
Be recognised across the industry as an advocate
Showcase opportunities and pathways for women
Support opportunities for women in the industry
Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Provide colleagues with networking opportunities
Showcase the women in your organisation
Break down stereotypes and barriers in the industry
Engage and connect with women across the industry
Inclusion in WIC networking groups
Dedicated business community group
Be part of key discussions & knowledge sharing
Be included in our spotlight profiles
Be the first to hear about our future events