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Womenin-construction.co.uk is a unique platform that has been created with the sole purpose to provide a one stop shop for women in the construction industry. Whether you are a young woman currently studying, someone looking to move into the industry, or you are currently working in the industry we have created a dedicated platform for you. We have removed all barriers to providing a great online community, peer network, with high quality, professional, and sector-specific resources to support all our members. We focus on both the professional and personal aspects of working in the industry, including a focus on the importance of health and well being.

We want to encourage organisations in the construction industry with female colleagues to become members by coming on board with Women in Construction to not only actively support their colleague, but in turn, show their commitment to support all women in the industry and act as an advocate for change.

We are proud to be of a kind platform in the UK for any women regardless of age or level of career who wants to work in this great industry.

Meet the team

The vision behind this new initiative comes from Heidi May. However, she had some great local businesses to where she lives in South Wales, who volunteered their support and expertise to help her get the website created and off the ground.

Heidi had a passion to create a platform to offer women across the construction and built environment industry invaluable support, benefits, information, knowledge, and most importantly an interactive community and peer networking, in a “supportive and informative” environment. It all started when she was approached as a business consultant to undertake market research for a client in the construction industry. From the findings, she realised she wanted to explore the gaps and disconnect between the awareness of the industry and the opportunities across the UK and the take up of roles by women. 

Alongside Women In Construction UK, Heidi has also been actively collaborating with the wider construction industry, educational providers and key organisations at a local and national level, discussing real opportunities to promote greater awareness of the industry to young people and women.

In Oct 2020 Heidi started the journey of creating Women in Construction UK (WIC UK for short)  to develop and build something which would be new and unique in the industry, focused on providing a positive community platform and resource hub for and led by its members (women in construction.)

WICUK hopes to act as an advocate to bolster the voice across the sector and highlight the desire to encourage more women to join the industry.

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Heidi May

Founder & Director

Heidi has worked within the property and construction sector since 2005. Her journey began in the industry as an Assistant Buildings Manager for a large serviced office in central Leeds. Since then she has been fortunate to have roles within areas of facilities management, property finance and most recently property surveying. Heidi has also worked at an engineering company in the renewable's sector. Within her career she has experienced many challenges regarding progression, opportunities and more importantly the lack of awareness of the job prospects in the industry. Heidi has always wanted to create a platform to support women in the industry connect, engage and develop a strong community/network. These are just some of the reasons behind the initiative of Women in Construction UK CIC and the purpose it was set up as a Not For Profit. It is a platform, community and resource hub led by the members. There will be continuous investment in the platform and associated activities for the members to aid the development of services, support and awareness of our cause, and showcasing female role models. Women in Construction UK will work closely with organisations across the industry and develop key collaborations.


Collaboration and a collective voice creates long term change

About Wic Uk

Changing Perceptions

According to stats from GoConstruct, women make up around 14% of construction industry professionals. This number can only be set to rise with greater awareness among women of roles outside of the traditional stereotypes.  Our aim is to help showcase opportunities and role models within the industry, through promoting Women in Construction UK CIC message to the industry. We will be building key collaborations that can help increase the number of women choosing a career within construction and the built environment that go far beyond traditional jobs.

Women In Construction &Ndash; Community Resource For Women In Construction

Creating change together

Help create real change by coming together and promoting a positive voice of the industry for women. Help increase the awareness of opportunities in the industry. Be a role model for the future generations. Create a group voice for women working in or looking to join the industry to see the industry become a popular career choice, rather than unique and un familiar.

At the end of 2016, Data from the Office for National Statistics, reported 27 million people were working in the UK and out of those 2.3 million had jobs in the construction industry, but only 296,000 were women. which makes up around 2% of the UK female workforce.
Together the Women in Construction UK community and our collaborations can be an important and integral part of instigating change and ensure women are aware the industry goes far beyond the traditional roles, with roles in areas of planning, surveying, architecture, engineering, procurement, project management any many more.

Female Engineer

Promoting the Industry to women

Actively promote the construction, engineering, property and built environment industries to women, from school age up. There is very little positive messaging, guidance and access to information about the opportunities which is easily found. Women in Constriction UK wants the platform to be a community and network that showcases all the great people and roles in the industry for our younger generations. Provide focusing on both professional skills and knowledge, access to relevant resources and information as well as supporting health and wellbeing for women in the industry.
We want to showcase positive role models, and real pathways and routes into the industry with Educational institutions and industry bodies for young women of all ages so it becomes a widely recognised career.

Building a more diverse Workforce is the Future


Our Strategy

Women In Construction &Ndash; Community Resource For Women In Construction

To encourage more women into the industry. To provide resources for women in the industry.

We work actively with organisations in the construction and built environment sector; educational sector, regulatory and certification bodies as well as fellow not for profit organisation all with the same focus on providing resources for all women of all ages into the sector, by removing barriers and providing them with information, learning opportunities, peer networking and pathway opportunities into the industry.

Women In Construction &Ndash; Community Resource For Women In Construction

We want to embrace technology to help us in providing high quality and a “content-rich” online platform full of features, resources, information as well as establishing a one of its kind online social community for the industry.

Women In Construction &Ndash; Community Resource For Women In Construction

Be at the forefront of raising awareness of matters that are relevant to our members and the wider female workforce in the construction industry, through taking part in crucial discussions, highlighting the challenges facing so many of our members. We do not believe in hiding away from the big topics that need to be acknowledged. We believe in standing up and being an advocate and significant voice to speer head meaningful conversations

Women In Construction &Ndash; Community Resource For Women In Construction

To continuously seek out partnerships and collaborators who understand our purpose and vision.

To work with partners who will add value to our members, actively support our aim, act as advocates for our cause and collectively help bring about conversations to bring about change in attitudes, awareness of the real issues that our members encounter.

Women In Construction &Ndash; Community Resource For Women In Construction

To become the leading name in the Construction industry for promoting change for women in construction.

To be recognised as a prominent figure working to support, instigate and work towards, greater opportunities and awareness of the challenges and barriers faced by women working in and entering into the industry.

Women In Construction &Ndash; Community Resource For Women In Construction

We are committed to creating and promoting a positive, supportive and collaborative environment within our platform.

The platform is open to all women in and committed to being part of the construction industry. We understand our members place great importance in being part of an organisation which not only holds themselves to their own high standards of professionalism, integrity and commitment, but they insist upon this from our partners.


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