3 things you should be doing if someone is stealing your copyrighted content on social media

We are well and truly in the digital age of businesses. Social media, as we all know, plays a major major part in building a business these days.

If you’re a construction business owner, or help out with the social media marketing side of things, you probably post some content on social media, right?

What would you do if you found out a competitor was stealing and posting your content for their benefit?

Copyright exists as soon as you create a piece of material that can be copyrighted (a video, a flyer, a leaflet, a poster etc).

Here’s what you should be doing if this ever happens to you:

Step 1

Be direct and transparent. As with everything in business, this is ALWAYS the best way forward. Reach out to the person who is using your content, let them know that you own it and ask them to stop using it.

Making them aware works often!

Step 2

Make sure your content has copyright disclaimers making it CRYSTAL CLEAR that you own it and that they can't use it without your permission. This could be, for example, at the bottom of a marketing leaflet you've created, that way you're 'telling the world' that you own this material.

Step 3

If they continue to take the mickey after communicating with them and making the person aware of your rights under copyright, I'd recommend getting in touch with a lawyer to take things further