Community and Resource Hub for Women in the Construction Industry​

Sadly Women in Construction UK cic, has had to shut its door, due to a lack of engagement and support from organisations across the industry.


Women in Construction UK (WICUK), is a not-for-profit organisation, which became a formal community interest company in October 2020. Myself (Heidi May – Founder) and the team working behind the scenes of WIC UK, all provided our time and expertise for free as volunteers, and I cannot thank the team enough for their commitment and hard work.


For the last year, WIC UK has provided a unique and one of a kind online community and resource hub to support the construction and built environment industry across the UK, with a focus on supporting women at any stage of their career in the industry and those studying to join the industry, as well as promoting the diverse roles the sector has to offer. We have also been very pleased to offer health and wellbeing resources alongside peer networking events.


We have had a huge amount of interest in our initiative across the industry and we were fortunate to have been awarded a small grant earlier this year, which enabled us to open up our online platform for free to individual members, alongside continuing to develop our platform, offer networking events, alongside developing the resources and health and wellbeing side.


However, to retain the funding, we needed to show growth and increased engagement from the industry and sadly this has not been the case.

We have been actively engaged with and reaching out to organisations across the industry and enjoyed a great deal of interest but sadly this has not culminated into involvement or engagement with WIC UK.

Therefore we have had to make the difficult decision to close WIC UK, as it is not sustainable or viable without funding, or engagement from the industry.


It is disappointing that we must share this unfortunate news, however, we cannot continue to keep the site and organisation operating.


Therefore we regret to inform you, that we will be closing the organisation and online community platform from November 2021.


Many Thanks

Heidi May (Founder) & WIC UK team of volunteers